Increase Your Consultation Effectiveness – 06/05/20 (Liverpool)


   DATE – 06 / 05 / 2020
   TIME – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
   LOCATION – LCVS Building Liverpool L2 2AH
   PHONE – 01670 789511

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The first day of the course is focused on consultation effectiveness. First contacts with patients in primary care are challenging. In an MSK consultation, the clinician (GP, Physiotherapist, Nurse Practitioner or other first contact practitioner) has to:=

  • Establish rapport
  • Find out what the patient wants and needs (not always the same thing)
  • Make, or begin to make, a diagnosis
  • Conduct an examination
  • Share an opinion
  • Educate the patient
  • Formulate a plan, usually in collaboration with the patient
  • Usually give instructions
  • Check that important points of the plan and safety net are understood

All in as little as 10 and rarely more than 15 minutes.

GPs spend 18 months working in GP surgeries in training during which this is a major focus of their development – and even so, it is worth revisiting as an experienced practitioner to pick up tips and ideas that can enhance time management and reduce clinical and medio-legal risk.

Most practitioners from non-doctor roles will have had a lot less training for maximising their efficient use of time in first contact consultations.

Our seminar

  • Participants will have a chance to reflect on their own experience consulting with MSK patients and compare notes with others.
  • There will be presentations of significant research and theory concerning skills and behaviours to structure the consultation to promote effectiveness and time efficiency – alongside helpful suggestions, rehearsed in focused practical exercises.
  • We will use a specimen (simulated) MSK consultation to consolidate the learning; comparing our thoughts in small groups
  • Focus areas for skill development will then include:
      • Controlling the flow
      • Opening the consultation; the agenda; who’s in charge?
      • Getting the full story
      • Patient education
  • Skills are practiced in groups of three, with short specific exercises

Our goal is to help you find and overcome difficulties and to leave you with practical ideas to enhance your own consultations with patients.

EPI and your trainer

The seminar is delivered by Effective Professional Interactions, a training organisation that specializes in consultation and professional skills development for clinicians.

Your trainer is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner who works in Primary Care. He is a University Lecturer and is one of EPI’s most experienced trainers.

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