Course Outline:

Sharing Unwelcome News

Course Outline:

Sharing Unwelcome News

Course Title

Sharing Unwelcome News

Course Duration

Half Day Course


The sharing of bad news is a regular and challenging part of the work of all clinicians.

Traditional training often fails to reflect the range of the task and fails to allow for the systematic practise of key skills. In particular, a moment’s reflection should show you that that the range of news items that patients may find distressing is much wider than the malignancy diagnoses that are the traditional staple of such teaching.

Course Description

Our seminar examines our own experiences of receiving and giving bad news. We consider evidence from research to guide our clinical practice in this area. We consider the range of situations that patients experience as being “unwelcome news”.

We then present the SPIKES framework of Buckman et al, rehearsing and practising the key steps involved in implementing it. This is an approach rooted in evidence and tested in practice.

By the end of the seminar, participants can expect:

  • to have a clear framework for the structuring of these conversations
  • to be clear about the range of “unwelcome news” situations and
  • to emerge with enhanced skills for conducting these discussions with patients

We balance brief presentation, focused discussion, group work and skills rehearsal – we supply a referenced workbook and we maintain a brisk pace to keep you engaged.