Course Outline:

Responding to Patients with Chronic Pain

Course Outline:

Responding to Patients with Chronic Pain

Course Title

Responding to Patients with Chronic Pain

Course Duration

Half Day Course


Patients with chronic pain syndromes present a particular challenge to GPs, A&E departments – indeed all doctors and nurses working with patients. Chronic Pain syndromes are common and may even have no medical explanation.

Clinicians face a challenge as the initial search for cure gives way to a focus on living WITH the pain, and the long-term need for reframing the goals of treatment so as to focus on quality-of-life.

Helping patients makes for challenging conversations. If successful, we can help patients to be realistic, to realise their potential and minimise their pain.

If we are not successful, patients can easily become bitter and hostile. They may suffer un-necessary and unhelpful visits to specialists and they may waste their lives in a futile pursuit of cure.

How can we do better? Helping patients to re-focus may be tricky, but this is what doctors and nurses do in other situations.

Course Description

Our seminar reflects on participants experiences, with facilitated discussion – leading to practising of conversations with patients. Specific evidence favours cognitive approaches, notably Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Some of the individual techniques in CBT and MI are effective, easy to learn and practical in 10 minute consultations. We teach you these, with practice.

At the end of the seminar, you will have picked up a number of new ideas and insights to extend your effectiveness and confidence with patients with chronic pain.

As with all EPI seminars, the focus is on practical ideas. You will leave the seminar with enhanced skills for conducting these (sometimes difficult) conversations.