Course Outline:

Optimising Document Workflow Review

Course Outline:

Optimising Document Workflow Review

Course Title

Optimising Document Workflow Review

Course Duration

Half Day Course


The training is aimed at reviewing progress within practices; sharing good ideas and tips between practices and from EPI; reinvigorating the energy to drive forward and for each practice to develop a SMART action plan for the coming 6-9 months.

Intended audience is 2 per practice, with up to 15 practices represented per audience. Ideally either GP Champion or PM AND one of the day-to-day document managers.

It is planned out by us in discussion with you and the participating practices and takes a workshop format.

We suggest that it is ideal to schedule this training approx.. 6 months after the intital core training. And it is  often worthwhile to schedule a 2nd round of “Embedding” training around 6-9 months further again.

Course Description

  • Introduction and aims
  • Exercise Reviewing progress. What have you implemented? What’s working well? What are your challenges?
    • An important sharing exercise
  • Issues arising. Plenary discussion of important issues arising that hadn’t been anticipated in the programme in advance.
  • Presentations by participants. We will identify in advance any particularly successful changes implemented by participating practices, and ask relevant practice representatives to deliver a brief presentation.
  • Presentation by EPI. We will present and discuss any significant new things we’ve learned since the practices’ initial training.
  • Systematic review. We run through key headings (e.g. processes, personnel, quality assurance, recruitment, knock-on effects in practice) with an exercise and plenary discussion.
  • We add some practical exercises, based on a pre-training needs assessment. E.g, reading specimen letters and comparing analysis and actions between participants.
  • Developing your practice action plan. The final quarter of the session is devoted to developing a SMART action plan for implementation/moving forward.
    • Initially working in practice teams
    • Then sharing between typically 3 practice teams
    • Then a plenary sharing – everyone reports something interesting that one of the OTHER practices is planning to do

A course pack for all participants includes

  • A course workbook; acting as a workbook on the day and a reference for later
  • Examples of good practice, which can be shared
    • From participating practices
    • From EPI’s experience