Course Outline:

From Reception to Active Signposting

Course Outline:

From Reception to Active Signposting

Course Title

From Reception to Active Signposting

Course Duration

Half Day Course


Receptionists in GP practices are now expected to do more than just book appointments with doctors. Using a directory of services, they can often ‘signpost’ to the most appropriate professional or service within the practice or locally. Our training From Reception to Active Signposting is based on EPI’s seminar “Enhance Your Telephone Conversations with Patients” which we’ve run approximately 120 times, for CCG audiences and individual practices.

Delivering to a multi-practice audience, we’d suggest that practices will get the most out of the training if a critical mass of receptionists attends, plus the Practice Manager and a GP.

Course Description

A seminar format for maximum interactivity lasting 3 hours, with a maximum of 30 attendees per session.

To include:

  • Introduction and aims
  • Evidence from published research e.g. the work of Professor E Stokoe
  • Exercises; individually and in small groups, reflections on their own experience – what is going well, and where the challenges arise being on the receiving end
  • A skill framework for improving communication skills
  • Managing patient expectations
  • Identifying the needs of the patient – gathering information
  • How to create a directory of services – “who does what?”
  • Selecting the appropriate clinician/service and signposting the patient without clinically triaging
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Red Flags – formalising and extending your own practice protocols
  • Sharing some best practice examples of patient educational materials to support this new way of working e.g. signposting documents for practice website, waiting room, leaflet etc. (examples used by EPI practice customers, with permission)
  • A SMART action plan to take back to your own surgery.

A course pack for all participants will include

  • A course book for all; acting as a workbook on the day and a reference for later
  • Key handout materials, including excellent examples of signposting materials from EPI’s experience (e.g. in use by previous EPI customers)