Course Outline:

Culturally Diverse Consultations

Course Outline:

Culturally Diverse Consultations

Course Title

Culturally Diverse Consultations

Course Duration

One Day Course


The cultural and ethnic background of British citizens is becoming increasingly diverse. Clinical consultations reflect this. Doctors and nurses are increasingly likely to find themselves consulting with patients who don’t share their language, culture or ethnicity. This adds to the challenge of fashioning an effective consultation and affects all its phases (history, examination, explanation and plan).

Course Description

Our seminar explores participants own experiences. We present some facts and relevant research findings for discussion. We then look into the specific implications of particular facets e.g.

– Race

– Culture

– Language and the use of interpreters

– Religion

– Old country beliefs

Using a trademark EPI blend of learning activities (discussion, group exercise and practising)

we explore the implications for our consultations. Importantly we include plenty of practical conversational practice.

Whilst we offer no magic bullets, we can promise that all participants will leave with enhanced understanding of a range of key issues, and with specific skills and ideas that will enhance their consultations on the next working day after the seminar.

The seminar takes place over one day and finishes with a sum up and a pdp for each participant.