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DNACPR – Sound Knowledge, Supported Decisions & Sensitive Communication

DNACPR – Sound Knowledge, Supported Decisions & Sensitive Communication



“In this web-based seminar, Dr Pickard provides very clear and helpful advice which should increase the confidence of all health professionals who may be involved in making DNACPR decisions. He emphasizes the need for sensitive communication with both patients and their families, for it is the manner of such communication that often causes distress rather than the DNACPR decision itself. Dr Pickard distinguishes between the different types of conversation which may be necessary. An example of the pace of conversation and the sensitive language that can be used is illustrated in the excellent role-play towards the end of the seminar.”

Dr Ged Corcoran

Ged is a retired Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Liverpool. He continues to be involved in palliative care education for health professionals and also for the general public.

A 20 minute video summary of key learning points about DNACPR

A 20 minute video summary of key learning points about DNACPR


  • These conversations can be conducted clearly, compassionately and well within short time periods (the role play is 6 minutes and doesn’t feel ‘rushed’)
  • Even at the busiest of times, there’s scope to delicately introduce these topics.
  • With specific regard to COVID-19, the principles, legal elements, advice and approach to DNACPR all remain the same. The difficult bit will be defining ‘futility’ as frailty scores etc. are not absolute.


We work hard to update our seminars regularly – the information and skills explored represents best current understanding of the topics. We expect that participants, as responsible professionals, will exercise individual judgement in the application of any insights and protocols in their own work with patients. We accept no clinical liability in this respect.


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